Section 3.1.3: The Royal Trees of Jurai

Subsection 1: Articles

The Royal Trees of Jurai
by AstroNerdBoy w/ contributions from True Sheol, Watotsu, Mary, Oni Shin, Harinoue, R-Balouta, and others.

There is a lot of information that is not known to most people about the Royal Trees of Jurai (also known as the Imperial Trees of Jurai), so I thought it was time to provide the answers some of you might have. This article will cover why Tsunami decided to help Jurai, how the Royal tree’s are produced, how their generation classification system works, how they function as power units and computer cores for Juraian warships, how they are partnered with individual Juraians, and much more.

Some Japanese terms will be used as suffixes to differentiate between various forms of the same Royal Tree as needed.

  • -no-ki : tree (of)
  • -fune : ship

The following terms are the original Japanese terms, their literal translations, and the terms most commonly used due to Pioneer’s translations.

  • ouke no ki: Tree of the Imperial House : Royal tree
  • kou-ou-yoku: Light Hawk Wing(s) : LHW(s)

Please note that there is still much information that has yet to be translated from Japanese into English regarding the various aspects of canon “Tenchi” materials including that on the Royal Trees. As such, this article will be added to as more information become available or modified as more accurate information comes to light.

Section 1 : Tsunami

Tsunami is called the “Genesis Tree” as she is the original Royal Tree and obviously the most powerful of the Royal Trees. However, Tsunami is much more than some powerful tree. She is one of the Choushin – the greatest high-level beings from another dimension. Another way to look at her is as a goddess.

After creating the multi-verse (the various dimensions of the universe), Tsunami and her Choushin sisters Washu and Tokimi began to try to prove the existence of a higher-level kami (god) by finding this person. As such, Tsunami descended from her realm into the 3rd dimension along with her sister Washu. She had a giant humanoid form with which she could communicate with the life forms in the 3rd-dimension (it should be noted that even then, Tsunami’s physical features were that of an adult Sasami-chan). It appears that her giant form resided in the 3rd-dimension for a million years or more.

Some 150,000-years ago, the giant, sleeping humanoid form of Tsunami was found on the planet of Jurai by a man who would eventually become the first Emperor of Jurai. Because Tsunami had been asleep for so long, parts of her had begun to turn into a tree. After waking up, Tsunami detected evidence that the descendants of this man would produce Tenchi, the kami the Choushin were looking for.

Thus Tsunami made a pledge to the man of House Masaki to protect him and his descendants. She then turned her giant humanoid body on Jurai into Tenju, the giant semi-intelligent tree that houses the Royal Palace as well as the arboretum of the Royal Trees. At some point, Tsunami created Tsunami-no-ki and placed it within Tenju. Tsunami-no-ki became the interface for Tsunami’s Choushin powers in the 3rd-dimension. Based on what we saw in GXP where Tsunami had given 1st-gen tree-seeds to the precursor civilization, it appears that Tsunami-no-ki was in the 3rd-dimension long before Tsunami met the 1st emperor.

Section 2 – Tsunami’s Children

As one might expect, Tsunami-no-ki can produce seeds just like any tree can. Therefore, Tsunami-no-ki’s seeds can be planted to produce powerful offspring trees. Those trees can produce seeds that create less powerful offspring. This process can continue on and on and is how the “generation” system for the Royal Trees is established. Here is how it works.

Tsunami-no-ki is the interface for Tsunami’s Choushin powers and therefore wields power that is unimaginable. Tsunami-no-ki can generate 10 Light Hawk Wings, a powerful defense shield which can absorb incredible amounts of energy and render it harmless. LHW’s can also be used as an offensive weapon, but they weren’t designed that way. Having 10 LHW’s would make Tsunami-no-ki virtually untouchable by any enemy force. Ten LHW’s are also the maximum number that can be produced in the 3rd-dimension.

Tsunami-no-ki’s offspring are called 1st-generation trees. First generation trees are extremely powerful and very rare. Tsunami did not produce many seeds to become 1st-generation trees. 1st-gen trees can only produce 3 LHW’s, but this is more than enough for their purposes. They draw their power directly from Tsunami-no-ki.

1st-generation tree’s offspring are 2nd-generation trees. Since they draw their power through the 1st-generation trees, they are one-step removed from Tsunami and thus less powerful. 2nd-gen trees can still produce 3 LHW’s, but offensive use requires the override by a 1st generation tree or its master key. Many members of the Juraian Royal Family partner with 2nd-gen trees.

The 3rd-generation trees are the offspring of the 2nd-gen trees and because they are two-steps removed from Tsunami, they are even less powerful. They can only produce 1 LHW when they synchronize with another 3rd-generation tree. Despite being weaker, 3rd-gen trees still have the power to destroy a planet! 3rd-generation tree-ships constitute much of Jurai’s powerful fleet. Members of the Royal Family that are not accepted by a 1st or 2nd generation Royal Tree are partnered with a 3rd generation Royal Tree.

The first three generation of Royal Tree’s are all sentient beings. Thus they have their own will and are not slaves to the Juraians but partners. Starting with the 4th-generation trees, they are not sentient, and thus act as a normal power unit/computer unit. With each succeeding generation, the trees have less power, but still provide an important function. Some of these higher-generation trees are used on Juraian colonies (or with allies of Jurai) as a power source.

All of Tsunami’s intelligent offspring have a unique ability of self-preservation. This was seen when Ryu-oh was destroyed in episode 5, yet a seed from Ryo-oh retrieved by Tsunami and planted and called Ryu-oh. This from “101 Facts”:

Occasionally Royal Trees produce a seed in sap on the trunk. This happens only when Tree regenerates itself. When the Tree dies, this seed germinates by interaction with the ‘key’. This special seeds can grow anywhere as long as its kept in the special unit.

Section 3 – Partners for Life

Since 4th-generation trees and beyond are not sentient, these can be used as the Juraian’s see fit. However, with the first three generations, the tree is the one to choose the partner. The Juraians have no say in the matter when it comes to which tree partners with which person.

Sometimes a tree will send a telepathic call to the Juraian whom it has chosen. Sometimes, a Juraian (or other potential partner candidate) will be brought into the arboretum within Tenju for a tree selection ceremony. Either way, the event is witnessed by at least three representatives of the Royal House.

The candidate goes to a transporter that would take him to the level that houses the 2nd-generation trees. If he is not transported, he will be selected by a 3rd generation Royal Tree. A candidate that is transported will then greet each Tree. If the candidate is greeted, but not chosen, they are allowed to proceed to the level where the 1st generation trees are. There are very few cases where the candidate is allowed to proceed to the 1st-gen level. Azusa and Yosho are two such individuals who were chosen by a 1st-generation tree. In the history of Jurai, only five people have been partnered with a 1st-gen tree. (1)

Once a tree chooses the candidate, the candidate then names the tree. The tree is placed into a special core container with the interior designed by the partner. A ship’s hull is also constructed to the partner’s specifications. The core of the ship is used to control the power of the tree. Once ready, the core containing the tree is placed within the ship’s hull. The hull acts as a channeling device for the tree’s power.

The tree then constructs a living space for its partner within subspace, again based on the designs of the partner. Therefore, each Royal Tree Ship is unique in all aspects and suited to fit its partner’s needs and desires. Of the tree-ships we’ve seen to date, all of these subspace areas are constructed to be a representation of a planet’s surface complete with plants, animals, bodies of water, and more.

In order to better communicate with the Royal Tree, a Juraian will carve a key made from the branch and crystallized sap of the Royal Tree. The form of the key is again done according to the partner’s wish. Thus Aeka has a tiara as her key and made a “trigger” for Sasami-chan, Azusa had a fake eye AND an energy sword for keys, indicating that there can be more than one key per tree.

Keys created from 1st-gen Royal Trees are known as “master keys.” Master keys give their owner the power to control the higher-generation trees. This is why Tenchi was able to override Aeka’s commands on Ryu-oh-fune with Tenchi-ken. Tenchi-ken is a master key.

In addition, the partner can have artifacts made from the branches of the Royal Tree to be given as gifts. Azusa had combs created on his first visit to Earth, one of which Funaho’s niece Kasumi had when Yosho chased Ryoko to Earth. This comb protected Kasumi from being harmed by Ryoko. Tsunami gave Tenchi a ring constructed from herself that activated Juraian battle armor.

Another benefit of being partnered with a Royal Tree is the extended life the tree provides via body strengthening and life extension treatments, as well as the Water of Life, which helps to rapidly heal the partner. The Royal Tree can provide backup power to its partner in combat situations. Power is supplied to the partner and at the lower-level generation trees, the partner can activate LHW’s (as seen in Yosho’s battle with Kagato in episode 5).

With rare exception, Royal Trees are partnered for life with a single partner. There are a couple of incidents which can break the bond between the Royal Tree and its partner. One being death and the other being banishment from Jurai. In both cases, the Royal Tree is then removed from the core and planted in the ground. Once planted, the tree is cut off from Tsunami’s power and thus slowly turns into a normal tree.

As mentioned before, there are rare exceptions where a single Royal Tree has been partnered with more than one person. Mitsuki was unofficially partnered with a 1st-gen tree and before her death, she transferred the partnership of the tree to Azusa (with the tree’s permission). Azusa was able to meet her tree, even though it had never been moved from its place in the arboretum, through Mitsuki. There is evidence to suggest that Mitsuki became one with that tree, which Azusa named Kirito.

Section 4: Known Partnerships

We don’t have a great deal of knowledge as to all of the partnerships.  What we do know is that as of OAV 3, there was only one 1st-generation ship in the Juraian fleet. This grew to two by the end of GXP. Here is a list of known tree-ships, their generation, and their partners.  Tree’s with links in their names will reveal a list of images of said tree/ship (coming hopefully in the near future, whenever AstroNerdBoy can stop playing games).

Royal Tree Name Generation Partner Notes
Tsunami 0 (Genesis) Masaki Sasami Technically, Sasami and Tsunami are the same.
unknown 1st JURAI Shinou

(1st Emperor of Jurai)

In the English-speaking world, we don’t know if there is any information about his Royal tree partner.  It is believed that he would have been partnered with a 1st-gen tree since Tsunami made the pact with him.
Kirito 1st Masaki Azusa Initially unofficially partnered with Mitsuki, presumably being one of the five 1st-gen trees that kept her alive.  She was then apparently assimilated by Kirito. Kirito means “Sealing Fog.”
Funaho 1st Masaki Yosho The only known rooted tree not to lose its power. Yosho is still considered 1st in line to the throne of Jurai which tells me that while Funaho-no-ki may be grounded, there’s nothing that says she couldn’t be transplanted back to a core unit and begin to draw power from Tsunami once again. As such, I’m including Funaho-no-ki in the list of known ships.
unknown 1st Seina Fans sometimes refer to Seina’s 1st-gen tree (seed) as “The Idol” or “Zinv”. These are not official names and to date, we don’t know what Seina-kun called his seed.  Seina’s lack of family connections with Jurai strongly suggests that one does not have to be a Juraian in order to partner with a royal tree.  Also, because this is a seed and not a tree, this relationship is very unique and leaves a lot of unanswered questions.
Karin 2nd Masaki Misaki Karin means “Hazy Scales” and is also a Juraian term for a certain type of cloud formation. More information about this tree below. (2)
Mizuho 2nd Masaki Funaho Mizuho means “Water Crest.”  More information about this tree below. (2)
Ryu-oh 2nd Masaki Aeka Regenerated after being killed by Kagato.
Mikagami 2nd Kamiki Seto Seto, as a non-native Juraian proves beyond a doubt that one does not have to be a native Juraian in order to be partnered with a royal tree.  Mikagami means “Water Reflection.”
Mizuki 2nd Masaki Kiriko While this was done for purely political moves on the part of Seto-sama and Jurai (for their protection), the fact that the royal trees went along with it says something IMO.
unknown 2nd Tatsuki Kotono I don’t know anything about this person at present. 
unknown 2nd Amaki Shuuzan’s child Apparently someone will bare Shuuzan a child and that child will partner with a 2nd-gen tree.
Kyouko 3rd Kamiki Noike This is an experimental ship designed to give 3rd-gen tree-ships the power of a 2nd-gen tree-ship.
Mizunagi 3rd Tatsuki Nishia
I believe this is one of the ships that partook in the battle against Ryoko and Ryo-ohki. I also think that Nisha was in command of the home defense fleet. (Thanks to MasakiLHW for Kanji and name spelling correction!)
unknown 3rd Kamiki Utsutsumi This is Seto-sama’s husband.
unknown 3rd Amaki Shuzan Shuzan is the current head of House Amaki and the big schemer.
unknown 3rd Masaki Tatsua Acting commander of the Juraian Defense Force when the Imperial family was away from Jurai.
unknown unknown Masaki Minaho Kajishima-sensei revealed in an interview that Minaho, Yosho and Airi’s daughter, is partnered with a Royal Tree.  However, the name and generation of that tree has not been revealed as far as we know.
unknown unknown Masaki Amame Though she is now Yotsuga Amame, she was once a member of House Masaki and the mother of Azusa.  While the details aren’t clear to me at present, she was forced to leave Jurai and her Royal tree was planted in the Earth.
unknown unknown, probably a 1st
JURAI Masaki
As sister to the 1st Emperor of Jurai, Masaki was partnered with a Royal Tree.  What we don’t know is the generation.  At some point, Masaki traveled to Earth in a tree-ship.  She later ended up on Earth’s moon, where ‘today’ she still remains in astral form, until “discovered” by Seina and the crew on board Banjou-tou.  Her tree is still alive, which is how Masaki still had an astral form.

It should be noted that once a Juraian is partnered with a Royal tree, they have “Jurai” added to the end of their name.

ie: MASAKI Aeka Jurai

(1) As best as I can tell, this does not include Mitsuki, who is a unique case. She was kept alive by several 1st-gen trees, but was partnered with only one which then partnered with Azusa upon Mitsuki’s death.

(2) Mary has provided this information on royal tree’s Karin and Mizuho.

Karin and Mizuho are twins and oddities. There’s a passage in the novel “Jurai” about this – apparently there is a section of the arboretum dedicated to trees that are…..different.

It was not the first generation room. Various kinds of Royal trees were standing there, one having flowers all over made of sap, one standing under the water, one was all crystallized and so on. The tree, which called Funaho and Misaki, stood there. A twin tree it was, standing beside each other. Each was a second generation and if both synchronized perfectly, the power of both were equal to the first generation or stronger, cause each could generate three Light Hawk Wings so it could be said that they had more power than the first generation tree.

I know I’ve posted a scan of the Queens’ ship designs here before; it’s quite a unique design in that the two ships can slot together to form one ship. If you look very carefully at episode 13, you can see their ships both together and apart.

Also, according to another novel section, Funaho is capable of controlling BOTH ships – when and only when she is drunk. (This is the reason she gets so embarrassed when Yosho makes reference in episode 13 to redecorating the great hall. She was responsible for trashing it by crashing both ships into it.)

So, when operating together, Funaho and Misaki’s ships are actually -more- powerful than Azusa’s.