Section 3.1.4: Washu and the Bioroids

Subsection 1: Articles

Washu and the Bioroids
by AstroNerdBoy; original translated materials by R-Balouta; additional contributions from Oni Shin, S.Naoe, Watotsu and True Sheol.

Section 1 : Introduction

One of the stories that TM!R and Dual! fans have been interested in is the story of Washu and the three cloned bioroids made from her, using her gems.  Because one of the main characters in Dual! is a bioroid, and Kajishima-sensei has stated that his creations are linked at the corner, it causes a great deal of excitement among some fans.  We’ve had some details, but not all of them.  So it was a goal of mine to have the section of Omatsuri Zenjitsu no Yoru 21 Seiki-ban 1 dealing with this translated.  That has finally been achieved.

One of the interesting things that Kajishima-sensei notes is that he won’t go into certain details of this story is that they are told (or explained) in the novels.  So this section of the doujinshi assumes the reader will have read or will read the novels.  Now you know another reason why I so desperately want English translations of the novels.  The summaries I have of the novels don’t indicate anything about the bioroids, at least that I can remember.  I’ll have to re-look though.  Should more information be found, this article will be updated accordingly.

One final note — Kajishima-sensei remarks on how long TM!R has been in the works as of when the doujinshi was created.

Thinking about it, originally the thing that became the Tenchi structure is something that I was thinking when I was in high school, so it’s an universe that has been expanding for more than 20 years.

He further comments on how knowing the bioroid story, the novel Washu, and other items will make OAV 3 more understandable.  However, he wants to use OAV 3 to address other issues, which we now know he did.  I’m guessing that knowing more about what Washu did as her part in uncovering the higher kami helps to understand the Choushin purpose.  Too bad we still don’t have all the pieces in English.

Section 2 : The Story

Well over 100-million years ago, Washu and Tsunami appeared in our dimension. It appears that they were in giant humanoid form, but both had created containers for their Choushin powers — Tsunami within Tsunami-no-ki (the Genesis tree) and Washu within the gems.  Their goal, as we now know, was to prove the existence of a higher kami.

We have all heard of the precursor civilization (or the Great Prehistoric Civilization as it is called in the doujinshi). In GXP, we saw the remnants (ruins) of the precursor civilization when Seina came upon the Wau idol, which turned out to be a giant mecha that contained a 1st-generation tree-seed from Tsunami. This civilization went out and seeded the galaxy to leave a legacy, knowing they were in decline.

However, 100-thousand years before the precursor civilization started, there was another civilization in the galaxy. Galaxy Academy records state that this civilization is the oldest in the galaxy, so I will hereby dub them as “the ancients” since the doujinshi did not name them. The ancients are recorded to have created three clones of Washu using bioroid technology. These clones were called Combat Purpose Bioroid Prototypes. The three bioroid-clones were named B1 (appearing about 20-years in age), B2 (appearing about 15-years in age), and B3 (appearing about 10-years in age) with “B” standing for “bioroid” (duh! ^_^).

Bioroid B1 with gem in the neck.

 Bioroid B2 with gem in the right wrist.

 Bioroid B3 with gem in the chest.

Why the ancients decided to do this is not revealed in the doujinshi (this is one of the items K-sensei states is explored in the novels), though he does state it was a military thing.  The doujinshi also does not say how the ancients captured Washu, but she was sealed within a facility the size of a planet (Washu was in giant form).  I can’t help but think she allowed herself to be captured as part of her role in finding the higher kami.

As noted in the images above, each bioroid-clone was given one of Washu’s gems — B1 was given a gem in her neck, B2 was given one in her right wrist, and B3 was given one in the chest.  Why B3 was given one in the chest rather than in her left wrist is unknown.  However it is believed that due to this, B3 was able to escape from the control of the ancients.  After her escape, B3 met and became friends with a young boy.

Since the bioroids were created as a military weapon, the ancients completed whatever data collection they required and dispatched B1 and B2 to destroy B3.  However, there were foreign ancient civilizations who wanted the bioroid technology secrets, thus a great interstellar war breaks out.  Most of the battles are between the bioroids causing the destruction of cities, entire planets, and possibly whole star systems.  This resulted in the downfall of many of the ancient civilizations.

At the end of the war, B3 manages to defeat B2, but is nearly dead herself.  B1 takes advantage of this and annihilates her, taking B2 and B3’s gems.  She then decides to take the original gem (1), and to do this, she returns to slay Washu.

(1) The “original gem” is not explained, though it may be Washu herself.

However, B3’s dying agony scream awakened Tsunami from slumber. She appears on the scene to save Washu and slays B1. Those who witnessed Tsunami’s appearance became the founders of the precursor civilization. Tsunami departs, leaving Washu sealed within the facility. Why she did not release Washu is not revealed to us.

Washu remains sealed for at least 100-million years (actual time is being double-checked). As the seal begins to deteriorate with time, Washu begins to wake up. She was apparently 10,000 kilometers tall and as she woke up, her changed her appearance to that of a child (howbeit a giant child) to attempt gain control of her faculty by regressing to the size of a human child. It had no effect and she is unable to shrink herself down.

Washu takes back the gems from the body of B1, and is finally able to stabilize herself. She returns to human size and for a time is seen wearing clothing similar to those she wears on the cover of the novel Washu.

It is sometime after freeing herself that Washu embarks on the plan to erase her memories and convert her 3rd-dimension body into that of an infant.  That event happened a little over 20,000-years ago and the events after that are described in the novel Washu.

So there you have the story of Washu and the bioroids.  If you happen to have any additional information, we’d love to hear it.