Section 3.1.8: HASEGAWA Naoko’s Introduction to Senkyaku Banrai: Ai no Hexagram (One Visitor After Another: Hexagram Of Love)

Subsection 1: Articles

HASEGAWA Naoko’s Introduction to Senkyaku Banrai: Ai no Hexagram  (One Visitor After Another: Hexagram Of Love) translated by: Unknown

Section 1: AstroNerdBoy’s Introduction

Over the course of time, I’m often made aware of various Tenchi materials.  I try to save everything I can but sometimes I either forget or the data otherwise gets lost.   Regardless, what I salvage, I’d like to share with other Tenchi fans, which is what brings about this article.

In the next section is the introduction by Hasegawa-sensei to her first book, Senkyaku Banrai: Ai no Hexagram.  I don’t know who translated this and cannot therefore completely vouch for its accuracy.  I have not edited it in any way beyond corrected a few spelling errors.  That said, assuming it is accurate, I felt this should be included because it does show that even after Hasegawa-sensei left the Tenchi Muyo! production team, she still went to Kajishima-sensei for clarification on Washu and the Choushin.  I think it also helps clear up this notion that Kajishima-sensei was not the one to actually come up with the original Tenchi story.  ^_^

Sadly, all of Hasegawa-sensei’s novels are out of print, though they can still be purchased used.

Section 2: Hasegawa-sensei’s Book Introduction

Hello. I’m Hasegawa, who wrote the screenplay for Tenchi Muyo! OVA volumes 1 through 6. I’m happy to tell you this Tenchi volume has also just been published.

For me, this is my very first novel. (Um… because it’s being published by Fujimi Shobo, famous for the Dragon Lance series, my heart is… just too full for words!)

As I look back now, so many things have happened.

When I joined the project as a scriptwriter for “Tenchi” in December two years ago, a rough draft was already completed by the director, Mr Hiroki Hayashi, and the producer & character designer, Mr Masaki Kajishima, and the first episode even had a completed storyboard. It was a struggle creating a screenplay from the storyboard. I worried about the future…

As a matter of fact, it was a bit of a drama from the second episode through to the last. Things didn’t go quite as we planned and it all ended up as what I suppose you know, with lots of little stories behind the big story.

I intended to include those episodes (including my own personal feelings) in these novels to make a funny love comedy.

Didn’t you think the main character Tenchi seems just a tad unimpressive after reading this? Let me tell you, some characters cannot just change their core personality that easily. Did you wonder why Aeka and Ryoko seem to be constantly fighting all the time? Well don’t you think something must be terribly wrong if things were actually okay between these two? Did you think Mihoshi seemed just a bit too lucky? Well, that’s okay because the author loves her so much and it’s not like I was nice to all the characters (just look what happened to poor Aeka).

New characters Kiyone-chan and Pete-chan, thank you for throwing so much confusion into the story. Now this author totally understands what happens when you do something from right off the top of your head. Of course, the worst thing is… this author wrote the story from right off the top of her head and had great fun too (People call them featherbrained).

By the way, I would like to say a great big thank you to all the wonderful people who worked with me and helped me.

The Director Mr Hiroki Hayashi gets many thanks for all the wonderful illustrations. He is extremely talented with drawing and even music, and his character you could say is not unlike Mihoshi, for he is a very lucky guy.

The Producer, Character Designer and Original Story Concept Mr Masaki Kajishima, sorry for bugging you so many times with all my questions while we were working. Let me tell you one really funny story about this guy…

When I was working on the latter part of this story one day, this author received a new illustration. The picture was of Jurai with Azusa and his wife, Misaki, and the Meishu Tokimi.

(NOTE: “Meishu” is a term used to describe someone who is transcendent, or on a higher plane of existence. It’s a name/title usually given to religious leaders.)

HASEGAWA: “Kajishima sensei, who exactly is this meishu Tokimi?”

KAJISHIMA: “Oh, this thing. This is about the Three Goddesses. There are three goddesses in this universe, Tsunami, Tokimi and Washu, so you could say they are the Goddess Trio.

HASEGAWA: “…huh?”

(I know of Tsunami but I’ve never heard of this Tokimi lady. And Washu? Wasn’t Washu a great scientific genius??” )

This little author turned quite pale.

HASEGAWA: “Well, y’see I’ve kinda just about finished my first novel. Are you absolutely sure these three are goddesses?”

KAJISHIMA: “Absolutely!” (with great passion)

HASEGAWA: “… really?” (Now why didn’t I know this?)

KAJISHIMA: “You better believe it!”

HASEGAWA: “… (I’m in trouble. How do I finish this now??)”

This is what it was to work with Kajishima-sensei! Thank you for always turning around and helping me with advice and suggestions on Tenchi. I understand the absurdity of being in the dark. Well, if you look at it this way, this is the man who created the Tenchi world, so of course he would know everything about it.

And lastly, Editor and Editor-in-Chief, Mr Yasuda and Mr Moriyama, thank you for giving me the opportunity to write this novel. One time while I was going to see a dentist, you told me encouraging stories like how someone was splattered while getting her teeth drilled, and someone was garroted by a co-worker (didn’t you, Mr Moriyama?).

And also, thanky ou to the readers of this book. It’s been decided to produce another OVA of Tenchi, so be sure to enjoy the Tenchi world more and more.

May 1993
Naoko Hasegawa