Section 3.1.6: Kajishima-sensei’s Web Q&A

Subsection 1: Articles

Kajishima-sensei Web Q&A
Translated by R-Balouta. Answers by Kajishima-sensei. Questions submitted by various Japanese fans prior to the release of OAV 3.

Section 1 : Introduction (by AstroNerdBoy)

In the never ending quest to find information Kajishima-sensei has put out about TM!R, this article will contain questions posed to K-sensei on a Japanese website and his answers.  You’ll notice that some of these get the “see OVA 3” answer, indicating the questions and answers were done between GXP and OVA 3.  I understand the website is no longer around (which is why sometimes saving websites is a good thing).  However, should someone know a website or BBS where K-sensei hangs out, be sure to let us know.

In regards to Section 2,  I decided to include that blurb from K-sensei’s original site to give you an idea of how questions got to K-sensei from Japanese fans.  Note the disclaimer in the final sentence.  Gotta love the wiggle room left there.

One other little item.  I had intended to place a picture of 梶島正樹 (KAJISHIMA Masaki) as the main image.  Astonishingly, the man has managed to keep his image pretty secret.  I spent several hours cruising Japanese websites and came up with squat.  The only confirmed images I have of the man are here.  The first is from a Japanese magazine article about Dual!


Yes, just the back of his head.  Here’s one of his face (on the left) from the Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki fan book Otanoshimi Ooemaki.

[Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki Fan Book Otanoshimi Ooemaki] Kajishima-sensei (650)

This was a screencap of what was thought to be Kajishima-sensei from Comiket C83. However, this was later proven to be false. Bummer.

Comiket C83 Kajishima-sensei

Finally, some additional remarks from translator R-Balouta: It’s kind of obvious but just to make sure: the parenthesis () in the translated text are the ones present in the original text, not my personal comments.

Section 2: The Original Disclaimer from Kajishima-sensei’s Website

From the administrator,

For those who have questions for Kajishima (Kajishima’s work), if you post your questions in the bulletin board, I’ll ask them to him myself. For those questions that got answered, they’ll be published here in this page, eventually.

Moreover, regarding the questions I’ll take to Kajishima, I’ll select a few of them myself, however, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be answered.

Please acknowledge in advance that questions regarding spoilers on coming works material, or questions that may cause trouble to the official material, probably won’t get an answer. For these reasons, well, if you got a response regarding a question, consider yourself “lucky”.

Again, in case an answer is given, please notice that it is, at all costs, Kajishima’s personal answer, not an officially final information.

Section 3: Questions and Answers

Q: Even though Minaho and Kiyone are sisters, I think there’s a age difference of several hundreds of years. In practice, how much are they separated?

A hundred and dozens of years after Yosho arrived on Earth, he had his first conversation with Airi, and I want to believe that soon after that, Airi flew to Earth and they fell in love, however, it wasn’t long after he parted with Kasumi on a near to 100 years long relationship. So it must have been awkward to fall in love that quickly, even for Airi. Besides, he had 3 children with Kasumi.

A: There’s a considerable difference.

Kasumi and the children were not the only reasons for that. They couldn’t meet in person frequently because both were busy with their positions on Earth and in the Academy. Moreover the proposition to fall in love again with Airi and the wish to enjoy the newly-wed feeling after the second marriage, were the motives. Incidentally, the intrusions of the spoiled Minaho and Seto, and so on, were also the cause of not being able to have children.

Q: In GXP’s 17th episode, Kiriko said that Funaho was in good health. Could this mean that the Royal Tree Funaho, that once had taken roots on earth, returned to be a ship again? During the episode, we see the Tree itself on the lake, as usual, and it seemed to be able to have a conversation with Seina. Does that mean that it’s possible for the Tree to use its powers in that state?

A: Since it’s being “energy-charged” by Ryoko’s gems, it hasn’t lost its powers.

Q: In respect of the fact that during the battle against Kagato, Ayeka was using Ryu-Oh’s backup. Ryu-Oh was destroyed by Souja in the 5th episode, and was restored in the 7th episode.  However, in the 6th episode, why Ayeka, in that occasion, was able to use Ryu-Oh’s backup?

A: She was using an emergencial energy stocking spiritual[*-1] body backup (something like a battery).

Q: How is Seina’s salary converted into Earth’s assets?

A: It’s lodged as precious metal Ingot, which exists also on Earth, and jewels. On that side, Kiriko is excellent at intelligence gathering, so they’re able to make deals with the most effective goods and at the best timing. So they’ve got amazing results.

Q: Kamidake[*-2] was named after Kamidake[*-3]?

A: It was not. It means the monster that protects knowledge, but it also has another meaning.

Q: Although Kiriko is part of Tenchi’s collateral family, why does she know about Tenchi’s abilities? Could it be that Tenchi is the one that doesn’t know about it?

A: Kiriko is a member of Seto’s secret intelligence. That’s why she knows about it.

Q: Being said that Jurai is a pirate nation, we’re led to believe that each one in the Royal family has, naturally, a high combat knowledge. So what kind of people guard and escort the royalty members?

A: If the imperial family were to be attacked, the possibility of this situation being an official matter is high, so in that case, generally there are many common people around. For that reason, instead of thinking about guarding the Royal family, it’s more natural to think that the guardians duties would be to protect and prevent the common people from being involved in this situation.

Q: This is a personal opinion, but Gosenzo (Masquerade) had a story that didn’t have a clear heroine (this fact actually pleases me) … Why didn’t Beatrice become the main character?

A: … Sakurako.

Q: It’s intelligible that the Jurai’s king is the head of state in the Jurai’s political system. However, concretely, in what form the government is managed?

A: It varies depending on the situation, but basically we could say it’s a ministry system? There is another political power organization in Jurai which is the Royal Trees, so the matters are more complicated. However, in a emergency case, it all concentrates on the Jurai’s king.

Q: How many members of the Royal Family possess a Royal Tree?

A: Those who bear the name of the four Royal Families and reach adulthood get a Tree with no exception. It’s usually a 3rd generation Tree.

Q: Regarding Komachi’s hair style, does she have that hair style because of her own taste? Or does everyone in her tribe have that hair style?

A: It’s a custom from her pirate genealogy origins. Among Komachi’s subordinates, there are those who imitate her hairstyle, although they have different origins.

Q: Is the character at the market, in the 11th episode of GXP, that we believe to be Washu, real? Is it a joke from the staff?

A: Real. All the things featured in GXP like the black telephone, Earth’s antiques, they were propagated by Washu.

Q: In “Here comes Jurai”, we find out that Yosho is disguised as Katsuhito, but is that a kind of disguise that you borrow someone else’s image just like Elma did with Amane’s, or is that a simulation of his future appearance.

A: It’s a simulation of his figure in the future.

Q: Regarding the fact that Jurai is a planet with a dense growth of trees, what’s the proportion of land and sea? What about the climate? And what’s the aspect of the cities?

A: The ratio is sea 9 : land 1.

Since the trees also grow over the sea, it appears that there’s more land. Basically it’s a warm planet with many tropic regions, however the inhabitants reside in a quite high region, and therefore cold. The cities are mostly located on the top of the trees, and the building material consists of specially processed wood.

Q: We’d like to know about the exterior, the dimensions, the aspect of life of those who live inside Tenju.

A: The height is approximately 10 kilometers. A diversity of big trees with foundation’s outer circumference measuring 150 kilometers long live in symbiosis. Tenju’s environment is regulated by a diversity of trees living in symbiosis.

Q: When Airi Masaki was giving the permit to Seina Yamada to join the GP, she said “The Galactic Academy as well as the GP Academy”. Regarding that statement, please explain what’s the relation between these two, and what’s Airi Masaki social position.

A: Think that the Galaxy Academy is the school’s name and the GP Academy is the department in the school.

Q: Seina belongs to the decoy division of GP delivery department, but by “division”, does it mean that besides Seina’s team, there are other ships and staff? Does that mean that there are other people like Seina and Mihoshi?

A: The decoy division is a farly big division, so there is a considerable number of people forming teams. Naturally, as an organization, they don’t do such things as relying only on unique talented individuals like Seina and Mihoshi who have indefinite incident rates. They have a group of professionals who possess clearer and more definite skills. Therefore, basically, Seina is transferred to the decoy division under Airi’s direct supervision as an independent experiment unit.

Q: There’s a scene in GXP, when Seina takes bath with Amane and the others, but while bathing, Seina’s supposed to have taken off the limiter suit. So how did he control his strength? And in the day he was in bath with Amane and Elma without losing the balance…

A: When bathing or having a massage, a medicine that removes the muscle fatigue is taken. This medicine contains an ingredient that works as a muscle relaxing agent, restraining the strength and relieving the muscle’s tension.

Q: Is that violet orb in Mikagami’s exterior a sap solidification?

A: It’s a crystalized substance with properties close to the sap that has the solidified Royal Tree’s sap as the kernel.

Q: Is there a direct relation between Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki OVA and sensei Hitoshi Okuda’s comics edition Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki?

A: No particular editorship was made regarding the story.

Q: What’s the cause of Kiyone’s death?

A: It will be clarified in the third OVA.

Q: What on earh is that “Chobimaru” that appeared in GXP? That golf ball-looking thing with a scribble that says “Ayeka~”. Besides, Seto’s the owner but who controls the ship is Mashisu-sama from Seniwa. It’s been quite a while after the televising finished but I’m stuck with this issue.

A: It’ll be clear in third OVA.

Q: Frankly, when will the 3rd OVA be released?

A: It’s scheduled for … summer.

Q: When the Royal Trees take roots on earth, they aren’t capable of extend their roots to different dimensions and therefore lose their energy provision. Does the Royal Trees mantain this advanced purpose even when they take roots on earth?

A: That’s right. But, in fact, they bear fruits but become unable to mature the seeds.

Q: Does the Trees become stronger as they age?

A: They do. However, their basis’ ability is unnecessarily high, so there’s no much meaning to power-up according to their growth. We can say that regarding the accumulation of experience, they become stronger.

Q: What’s the material that composes Tenchi’s ring in OVA 7th episode? It looks like it’s made from a Tree, but is it made from Funaho’s Tree? Or perhaps it is made from Tsunami’s Tree?

A: It’s made from Tsunami’s Tree.

Q: When Tenchi tried to remove the ring he transformed into his combat uniform figure. Does that ring has other functions, besides transformation?

A: That’s a kind of guardian system. Regarding its functionality, it has various functions depending on the Royal ships’ backup circumstances, but the ring that Tenchi holds is made from Tsunami’s Tree so it’s possible to undertake backup from all the Trees below the first generation level.

Q: Seina rides on the god statue to search for Fuku. Why he was able to hear Fuku’s voice? Ryo-Ohki possessed an astral link but Fuku didn’t have this kind of power. Even if she had one, it wasn’t supposed to be linked. Could this mean that inside the god statue’s Tree there was something that connected Seina and Fuku?

A: The Royal Trees and Ryoko’s gems possess the same nature of energy. Therefore, Fuku, being a warship of same type as Ryo-Ohki, was able to link easily with the god statue which is a Royal Tree.

Q: According to writings [*-4], GP is something like Earth’s Interpol, composed by the most talented people chosen from police organizations of each planet. However, in GXP, in order to join the GP there’s a process to pass the GP Academy. Does this mean that there was a modification in the establishment?

A: The GP formation, at first, was comprised of a selection of members from police organizations and army of each nation, so to guarantee a ready-fighting-power personnel. Along with the expansion of the organization’s structure and the increase of duty posts like the the delivery department business affairs, the training of the GP members started to take place directly in the GP academy. However, in GP’s duty posts like the police department and army, there’s a large number of members who are transferred from police and army organizations of each nation, just as usual. In the present time, the boundary between the GP and local police organizations is becoming unclear, except in large nations like Jurai and Seniwa.

Q: Is there a reason why Sasami made “osenbei” [*-5] for “bento” [*-5] in OVA 10th episode? Sasami’s lazyness? (laughs)

A: It was not a “bento”, but a snack. Well, being said that, I guess it can be said that it was lazyness.

Q: Generally, to what extent Jurai’s Royal Family reaches? Is it just the four great Royal Families, as I thought? Or perhaps, it also comprises of relatives of the four families? If the relatives aren’t part of the Royal Family, then how are they called to differentiate them from the Royal Family? Royal Family and royalty? Or, just “relatives”?

A: The real meaning for Royal Family is “the ones who were given the Royal Tree”. It’s just that from an exterior point of view, the ones bearing the name Masaki, Kamiki, Tatsuki and Amaki are considered the Royal Family. The relatives are called “clan”. They are those who bear equal names to the Royal Families’ name Masaki, Kamiki, Tatsuki, and Amaki. [*-6]

Q: In GXP 17th episode, Tenchi’s physical abilities improved exceptionally if compared to the OVA 2 period. Did he go through body enhancement?

A: He didn’t. The answer is in OVA 3.

Q: Each person in the Royal Family is given a Tree, but Tenchi didn’t get one, right? Does this mean that, he wasn’t recognized as part of the Royal Family? Or does it means that since Tenchi can create the light-hawk wings, it’s considered that he has assimilated with a Tree and therefore an agreement is already made?

A: It’s acknowledged inside the Supreme Council but officially, Yosho’s whereabouts is still unknown, so Tenchi’s existence is also unknown. Airi showed Seina the family tree, but that was a private conversation between them. Anyway, the reigning Jurai’s king Azusa is still young, so for the present, it’s a secret.

Q: Officially, Yosho’s whereabouts is unknown. But if that’s so, what’s the pretext used so Airi and Minaho to bear the name Masaki? What’s their relationship with the Masaki Family, officially?

A: Minaho is known to be Yosho’s daughter due to an investigation made by Jurai, and so she is acknowledged to be part of the Royal Family. For that reason, Minaho’s privilege is protected, also meaning she’s protected by Airai [*-7], and so her mother Airi is also given the name Masaki.

Q: Although Tenchi’s existence is currently a top secret, why the 2nd class detective Amane brought a parcel to Tenchi? To add up, why does she know Ayeka and various secrets from the Masaki Family? And she’s just 2nd class…

A: The Kaunaq family is a prominent distinguished family in the galaxy, being previously the maker of the guardian system, having a connection with the top of the Academy and having deep relations with GP’s upper classes. For this, Kaunaq’s intelligence has a fairly high level. And yet, she’s friends with Mihoshi.

Q: The first and second in the Jurai’s imperial succession are Yosho and Sasami?

A: It’s Yosho and Tenchi. Sasami is excessively special and she’s being considered apart, but after she reaches adulthood, if she feels inclined to, she can be the first in the line of succession. However, that possibility really doesn’t exist.

Q: Is it ok to think that Tsunami left Tenju in the figure of Sasami? In this case, will a new Royal Tree be born in Tsunami’s empty Tenju’s “Royal Tree’s Space” (I read somewhere that it’s something like Tsunami’s womb)? In case it won’t be born, will the Royal Tree in the “Royal Tree’s Space” eventually cease to exist?

A: That is Tsunami’s circumstances but I guess it might happen in the long term period. Considering a extremely distant future, it might perhaps be the case that due to science’s development, the Royal Trees are not that much of a distinguished existence.

Section 4: R-Balouta Translator Notes:

[*-1] I couldn’t find a proper translation for the word. A literal translation would be “thought” which would give us a term like “thought body” or “mind body”. So I decided that “spiritual” would be more meaningful.

[*-2] and [*-3]: This was a tricky question to translate at first, because both kanji names read Kamidake. (*-2) refers to the name of Seina’s ship in GXP, and (*-3) is Ayeka’s guardian Kamidake (the one with the “fire” kanji).

[*-4]: I had to simplify the term to “writings”, because I couldn’t find a good translation for the term used. Literally it would be something like “dismantled writings about the true circumstances”. I guess it refers to Kajishima’s doujins and the True Novels.

[*-5]: For those who don’t know, osenbei are those “rice crackers”. “bento” is a Japanese lunch- box.

[*-6]: By “equal” I mean they have the same readings, but written with different kanjis. A good example of this “Royal Family”-“Clan” relation is seen in GXP. The Masaki of Kiriko Masaki is written differently from the Masaki of Tenchi, meaning she’s part of the clan.

[*-7]: I couldn’t find a translation for this “Airai”/アイライ. Apparently it’s a name, but I don’t remember seeing/listening to this name in the anime. (From ANB: “Airai” is the home planet of Airi-san.)