Section 3.2: Links

Subsection 2: Links

This is were you’ll find official Tenchi sites, accurate Tenchi info sites, Tenchi BBS’s, contributor sites, and some addition anime-related sites that AstroNerdBoy likes.

I. Official Tenchi Sites

Tenchi Web — This is official, mostly Japanese site for the Tenchi franchise to include GXP (in English) and OAV 3.  So if you can read Japanese, you are in luck.

AIC’s Official Tenchi Site — Nothing much here at present, but it looks like it will eventually be an English site assuming they ever work on it again.

AIC/VAP’s Official Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari SiteDomain expired in 2012.  Site was used to promote the series as it was released, so it probably will not come back.

AIC’s Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari Page — Not much here, but it still points to the above site for more info. ^_^;

FUNimation’s Official GXP Page — The official page for FUNimation’s R1 release.

FUNimation’s Official OAV 3 Page — The official page for FUNimation’s R1 release.

FUNimation’s Official Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar Page — The official page for FUNimation’s R1 release.

II. Tenchi Information Sites

Tenchi Muyo! Wiki — This is a wiki site run by Tenchi fans. And yours truly has contributed. In fact, the Tenchi Muyo! Continuities was written by me.

Tenchi Muyo! Another Universe This is the excellent site run by TigerCow. He doesn’t show up on the boards very often these days, but his site is one of the best all around Tenchi sites out there.  He has detailed synopsis for every episode of every Tenchi series done, complete with screen captures, character profiles, art, and more.  A most excellent site to vist.

Kajishima-version of TM!R — This is an English TM!R site from Hadakadenkyu, a Japanese native.  His Japanese site is pretty good from what I’ve heard.

Himitsu No Yukashita kenkyu-shitsu — A Japanese information site. No longer updated that I can tell, but it has good info on the various Tenchi doujinshi and more.

III. Tenchi BBS Sites

Tenchi Board — This is a site which has tons of Tenchi-related forums, but lots of non-Tenchi forums as well.  Still active a/o June 2013.

TenchiForum — Another forum dedicated to all things Tenchi with other forums on the side as well.  Still active a/o June 2013.

Useless Tenchi  — One more forum dedicated to all things Tenchi and then some.  Still active a/o June 2013.

Seto’s Fan — This is the BBS run by MaryRN51 for fans of Seto-sama.  Many old AIC folks and contributors to this FAQ will appear over there.  The forum exists but is no longer active.

The Sanctuary — This is another BBS with a Tenchi section in addition to discussions on anime, manga, and other stuff.  I’ve found several other former AIC posters over here.  The forum exists but is no longer active for all practical purposes.

IV. Contributor Sites

AstroNerdBoy — He’s the guy currently running this FAQ site.

  • AstroNerdBoy’s Anime & Manga Blog — This is a blog that I can easily keep updated from anywhere, which will be all about things anime, manga, or Japan.
  • AstroNerdBoy’s Ramblings — This is where AstroNerdBoy writes whatever crap pops into his head.  So if you feel like subjecting yourself to reading this dribble, head over.

Death Quaker — She started this FAQ as a single page a few years ago and look how far it has come.  She has a couple of great sites:

MaryRN51’s — Mary has mostly dropped from the anime fandom ranks, but she still has her Oni-hime domain with Tenchi goodies.

CuSO4’s Page — Different stuff CuSO4 is interested is here.

V.  Other Sites

Community Anime Reviews — This is where AstroNerdBoy has written a great many anime reviews, so you can read what he and others have to say about various anime titles.  And if you are so inclined, you too can sign up and become a reviewer.

Seijo Koibito’s Tenchi Pan-shot Page — This is a sweet site to get screen captures.  Seijo’s work convinced me to do get software to do some of my own screenshots.  The focus of Seijo’s site are the pan-shots, which are those shots where the camera pans around.  I’ve played around with it and done OK work, but Seijo’s is pretty good.

Little Washu’s “Cute” Homepage — Washu fan site by Mark Clifton.  He also runs the Sakuya Kumashiro’s Destiny page (a Sakuya fansite) and Mark has a blog as well.