Yes, it finally is going to happen. OVA 4!

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On October 18, 2015

Yes, it finally is going to happen. OVA 4! Hey folks! Yes, as you are already well aware, the official Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 4 website is now up and running, and there’s the official OVA 4 Twitter feed too. It is a good time to be a Tenchi Muyo! Ry0-ohki fan, eh? You know,Read Full Article

Kajishima-sensei’s 2001 AIC “Comic Love” interview

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On April 6, 2015

Hey gang! With the news that an OAV4 is potentially in the works, I decided to republish Kajishima-sensei’s 2001 interview with AIC Comic Love magazine since the AIC website that hosted it for so many years is defunct. I left things “as is,” meaning that Engrish and the like are still going to be inRead Full Article

Potential Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 4 news!

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On March 29, 2015
Kajishima Onsen 15.03

Potential Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 4 news! Hey gang! One of the things that I’m still asked to this day is, “Will there be a Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki OVA 4 series made?” My answer has always been based on Kajishima-sensei’s AIC interview from way back (no longer on the web…I should post it) where he saidRead Full Article

2014 Kajishima Doujinshi

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On December 27, 2014
War on Geminar

Hey gang! Well, I know I’ve been terrible about keeping things up over here. I never did check into the translated versions of the previous Kajishima-sensei doujinshi from summer’s Comiket. Nevertheless, since Kajishima-sensei has three doujinshi out this time, I thought I’d share the covers. So, we get a War on Geminar doujinshi and TWORead Full Article

Yes, I’m blogging “Ai Tenchi Muyo!”

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On October 15, 2014
Ai Tenchi Muyo

Hey gang! Some of you guys know, but for those who don’t, I’m blogging the Ai Tenchi Muyo! series on my anime blog. Follow the Ai Tenchi Muyo tag link.  It seems that this series is in the Tenchi Universe continuity, which I hope is the case since I know how popular that continuity was.Read Full Article

New Series — Ai: Tenchi Muyo!

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On May 26, 2014
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki

New Series — Ai: Tenchi Muyo! Well, it seems that Kajishima-sensei is getting the anime series he was wanting.  That series is tentatively being titled Ai: Tenchi Muyo! The series is apparently being set in Takahashi, Japan in the prefecture of Okayama and is being funded by the city to help promote tourism, specifically otakuRead Full Article

Some Exciting Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki News!

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On January 18, 2014
Tenchi Ban 13.12

As Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-ohki fans know, Comiket is where series creator KAJISHIMA Masaki releases his doujinshi in which he gives little tidbits of news to the fans of the canon part of the Tenchi Muyo! franchise. As I had previously mentioned, for Comiket 85, Kajishima-sensei released two doujinshi. The first doujinshi is entitled Tenchi Muyo!Read Full Article

Comiket 85 & Kajishima-sensei Doujinshi

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On January 1, 2014
Comiket 85 Kajishima Doujinshi

Hey gang! The Comiket 85 doujinshi are out and Kajishima-sensei has not just one, but two doujinshi for sale this time.  Both look quite exciting. The one on the left is Tenchi Muyo -If-, and is in full color. ^_^  The doujinshi tells what happens to the Tenchi harem, with a lot of focus onRead Full Article

Rightstuf’s Christmas Tenchi Special!

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On December 12, 2013

Hey gang! With Rightstuf doing their twelve days of Christmas special, since day 11 is for most of the Tenchi Muyo! franchise, I thought I’d spread that word about this Tenchi special for those looking to pick up some anime on the cheap. Tenchi Muyo: OVA Series DVD/Blu-ray Collection (TM!R OVA 1 & 2) TenchiRead Full Article

Small Addition to “War on Geminar” Section (and a request)

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On October 9, 2013

I added a bit of information to the War on Geminar FAQ page regarding Kenshi’s Light Hawk Wings (and thanks to Nobuyuki at Tenchi Forum for making me aware of this being missing). This leads me to a request. Often, I get busy doing this or that and miss things that should be in theRead Full Article