Current Status

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On October 6, 2012

Despite my massive amounts of overtime that I’m working, I’m really working hard on trying to get v3.0 up and running.  Currently, up to section 2.5.  I really got slowed down with the GXP section due to a real need to rework the page, drop some things regarding the then forthcoming release of the seriesRead Full Article

Status Report

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On September 28, 2012

Hey everyone.  I finally found the fire needed to get this blasted project back on track, namely the fact that Blogger has jacked me up with the anime blog. So, I need to get the FAQ done as soon as possible, then shift to the fun work for converting my anime blog to Word Press.Read Full Article

About ISM/WoG

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On August 8, 2012

One thing that was sadly missing from the old FAQ site was a section on Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari, or as FUNimation is calling it, Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar. That will be rectified in FAQ 3.0 for those who’ve been wondering (and asking). ^_^

Pages Created

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On August 6, 2012

The base pages for the updated FAQ have all been created. However, the time consuming process of copying the data over now has to begin.  Since I was using old school HTML techniques on the 2.0 site for formatting purposes, I can’t just mass copy over.  However, this will give me an opportunity to tryRead Full Article

Tenchi Muyo! FAQ 3.0 Has Begun

Written by AstroNerdBoy - On

Work on converting the FAQ from the old school HTML to the nifty, new Word Press site is currently underway.