Getting Close

Whew! I didn’t get much done for a while due to work, and I’m about to head into a 14-day stretch of 12-hour work shifts, where I highly doubt anything else will get done.  However, at the moment, the only items I still need to convert over are the individual articles.  I’ve done Oni_Shin’s Naja article, but that still leaves seven more articles to convert.

The plan is to “go live” to a limited extent to allow some folks to give it a once-over and see if they see any major (or minor) problems.  After that, I’ll throw in the redirects from the old FAQ to the new one, and that will be that.  I’ll still need to build the new War on Geminar (Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari) section, and I have some stuff to add summaries of the novels and such as well. That’ll come down the road though since my next priority is getting my two blogs off of Google’s now hideous Blogger and over to my domain and the nifty WordPress. ^_^

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