Kajishima-sensei’s New Project

Courtesy of うるるんロギー, we now have word that Kajishima-sensei’s new novel project is being called Paradise War 『パラダイスウォー』.  It’s going to be another harem title, taking place on some island. Details are kinda sketchy, but it was announced in GXP 09 novel dust cover (which I still have to order).  In addition to some guy apparently coming to this island and some babes, something warlike (?) will come to interrupt their peaceful existence. If you know Japanese and would like to graciously translate, we’d be grateful. ^_^

Still haven’t heard what the news from the winter 2012 Comiket was from Kajishima-sensei.

For those wondering, here’s the cover of GXP 9.

GXP Novel 09

Discussion of Paradise War can be found on Tenchi Forum, along with a few more details. HT to AJM and JGZinv for the alerts. ^_^

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