Kajishima-sensei Doujinshi Images from C84

Comiket 84 saw the release of two more doujinshi from Kajishima-sensei — Tenchi Ban 13.08, which features War on Geminar, and Kamidake Onsen 11, which features Paradise War.

Tenchi Ban 13.08 (01 Front)

Kamidake Onsen 2013 (11)(chika_zero)

From Yahoo Auctions:

Tenchi Ban 13.08 (01)
Tenchi Ban 13.08 (02)

As has been pointed out, the cover of 13.08 is similar to the cover of Tenchi Ban 10.8.

Tenchi Ban 10.8 (both covers)

And here are some bonus Paradise War images sent to me by AM.


H/T: Useless Tenchi

3 Responses to “Kajishima-sensei Doujinshi Images from C84”

  1. James

    10.8 is Monogatari Ban. Funny thing I pointed out to you back in your post of one of the episodes of Sekishi, was about Rhea and the golden eye thing. Well, my theory is given more evidence of its truth. 10.8 has Rhea in the back, with those striking(even though its black and white) inhuman eyes, like ryoko’s, and Doll is on top of her. I guess its a little Rhea on the back. 13.8 has Doll behind Rhea with Tenchi’s mother in law on the back. Interesting connection?

    • AstroNerdBoy

      You are going to have to refresh my terrible memory the theory you mention. ^_^; (I’m way out of it at the moment.)

      As to the name, I really need to get an actual list of all doujinshi titles. Of course I’ve said that before but somehow, I’ve just never done it. ^_^;;;;

  2. James

    umm… just look at the picture. The title is right there on them. He has an order, not much alternation between titles. Its been Tenchi ban right after the GXP doujins, then switched to Monogatari just after the show was released, and now back to Tenchi ban. I’ll give you the theory later


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