Small Addition to “War on Geminar” Section (and a request)

I added a bit of information to the War on Geminar FAQ page regarding Kenshi’s Light Hawk Wings (and thanks to Nobuyuki at Tenchi Forum for making me aware of this being missing).

This leads me to a request. Often, I get busy doing this or that and miss things that should be in the FAQ.  In the above instance, I had made a blurb in the old FAQ, but never had that information transferred to the actual Geminar page.  When I have more time, I’ll have to check my old blurbs for stuff not in the current FAQ and get it in.

In the meantime, if anyone already knows of stuff that was in the old FAQ but not in the current version, let me know and I’ll get it updated. Also, as always, if anyone has any information that should be here and that information can be cited to a source, let me know that as well. ^_^

[War on Geminar] shock

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