2014 Kajishima Doujinshi

Hey gang!

Well, I know I’ve been terrible about keeping things up over here. I never did check into the translated versions of the previous Kajishima-sensei doujinshi from summer’s Comiket.

Nevertheless, since Kajishima-sensei has three doujinshi out this time, I thought I’d share the covers.

War on Geminar2014 If IIIa 2014 If

So, we get a War on Geminar doujinshi and TWO -If- doujinshi, which should carry on the canon Tenchi story in some form. That would make for a grand total of four -If- doujinshi. Man, I’d sure like that to get animated.

I’ll try to provide any news that might come out of notes from Kajishima-sensei. I should look for last summer’s info while I’m thinking about it.

8 Responses to “2014 Kajishima Doujinshi”

  1. Orty

    Thank you. I realy enjoy the geminar works and hope that we get something animated soon.
    Also i hope that the animation will be kajishima style and not AI:Tenchi Tier.

    Lets hope..

  2. James

    If its a Kajishima project of course he is going to input all his heart into it. What does he care if its not his canon.

  3. Michael Stivers

    I hope at sometime that there will be a follow up anime to War on Geminar as it had left me wanting more and not entirely satisfied. Hopefully I’ll find some way to read the doujinshis as this might be my only avenue until something is announced either this summer or fall *fingers crossed*. Thank you for bringing this news to us!

    • AstroNerdBoy

      I’m with you. I’d kinda like to know more about Geminar since there were still so many unanswered questions, and the series seems capable of going another round. Of course Kajishima-sensei’s plans are for another Tenchi title, unless I’m very much mistaken.


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